Bombardier Learjet 40XR Specs and Description

Aircraft Description


In an effort to place a competitive product in the growing light jet market, Bombardier announced the Lear 40 in July 2002 at the Farnborough Air Show.The entry level Model 40 replaced the 31A and brings with it best-in-class cabin volume and performance for a marginal price increase of $170,000 over that of the 31A. As for preformance, the Model 40 is the only light jet that can fly nearly 450 KTAS coast-to-coast against strong winter headwinds with only one fuel stop. Based upon the model 45, the 40 is about two feet shorter in cabin length featuring six seats, instead of eight. In 2004 Bombardier announced the Lear 40XR with a preliminary service entry date of 2006. The new 40XR is a more powerful derivative of the already active Lear 40. Some basic improvements of the 40XR are in the areas of hot-and-high performance, faster time-to-climb speeds, as well as faster ETEs. These improvements were made possible by the incorporation of Honeywell’s TFE731-20-BR engines. To date there have been 92 aircraft produced.


The Learjet 40XR is powered by a pair of Honeywell TFE731-20-BR turbofans rated at 3,500 lbs. thrust each. The overhaul interval for these engines is 5,000 hours.


The Learjet 40XR is equipped with the Honeywell Primus 1000 avionics system, with four DU870 large format EFIS displays, EICAS, TCAS 2000, Honeywell Primus 660 color weather radar, EGPWS with Windshear Alert, and dual Primus II nav/comms.

Design Features

The Learjet 40XR is a conventional aluminum semi-monocoque design. The familiar Learjet delta fins adorn the lower section of the swept T-tail. The slightly-swept semi-super critical wing was a clean-sheet design from the 45 and employs drag-reducing winglets. Like the wing, the fuselage was an all-new design from the 45, but two feet less in cabin length. The retractable tricycle landing gear has dual wheels on each of the main units and a single nosewheel, with a long-travel, trailing-link main gear.


The Learjet 40XR is ordinarily configured for six passengers in a club plus two arrangement. The Model 40XR features an external baggage compartment, with 50 cu.ft. of space, forward coat closet in the refreshment center, and a small storage compartment opposite the lav.

General Learjet 40XR, Model 45
Category Jet < 20,000 lbs.
Years Aircraft Manufactured 2006 – current
Serial Number Range 2039 – (up)
Retail High Price $6,100,000.00 / 4,786,670.00€
Retail Low Price $4,200,000.00 / 3,295,740.00€
Characteristics Learjet 40XR, Model 45
Seating 2+6/7
Wing Loading 67.4
Power Loading 3.0
Noise(EPNdB): Takeoff/Sideline/Approach 75.5/85.1/93.4
External Dimensions (ft) Learjet 40XR, Model 45
External Length 55.6
External Height 14.1
External Span 47.8
Internal Dimensions (ft) Learjet 40XR, Model 45
Internal Length (Overall/Net Height) 17.7/17.7
Internal Height 4.9
Internal Width (Max/Floor) 5.1/3.2
Baggage Learjet 40XR, Model 45
External: Cu.Ft./Lb. 15/170
External: Cu.Ft./Lb. 50/500
Power Learjet 40XR, Model 45
Engines 2 Hon TFE731-20BR
Output (lbs ea.)/Flat Rating 3.500/ISA+25
Inspection Interval 5,000c
Data based on latest manufactured year