British Aerospace Jetsream 41 Specs and Description

Aircraft Description


The BAe Jetstream 41 is a small twin-engine turboprop airliner. The original design dates back to 1965 when the British aircraft manufacturer Handley Page set out to design an airliner to remain one of the two main aircraft manufacturers in Great Britain. Unfortunately, Handley Page was lacking the funds to create a large airliner so instead they found a gap in the airliner market and sought to fill it with a small stream-line twin engine turboprop aircraft, the Jetstream 1. The design was then sold to a group of investors who started a company named Jetstream Aircraft to manufacture the aircraft. BAe soon acquired the design when the company declared bankruptcy. BAe determined that the Jetstream was worth further development and started work on the 3rd variation and named it the Jetstream 31. The new design featured new higher-power Garrett turboprop engines which allowed the Jetstream 31 to have greater range and longer engine overhaul intervals. Due to the success of the Jetstream 31 BAe decided in 1989 to create the Jetstream 41 which is based on the Jetstream 31, but features a stretched fuselage, redesigned wings, windscreen, new engines, and modern glass cockpit.


The BAe Jetstream 41 is powered by two 1500shp AlliedSignal TPE-33114GR/HR engines which each drive a constant speed 5 blade propeller. Later production aircraft were built with the upgraded 1650shp TPE-33114s. The Jetstream 41 has a maximum speed of 295 kts (340mph), a service ceiling of 26,000 feet, and a range of 774nm.


The Jetstream 41 is fitted with a four-tube EFIS system. The Jetstream 41 comes with a Honeywell Digital Flight Director, Primus 650 color weather radar, an integrated engine system, Bendix/King CAS66A TCAS, Honeywell EGPWS, Primus VHF com & transponder, dual AHS600 AHRS, and a RT300 radio altimeter. Most corporate Jetstream 41s found on the market have a mix of these standard avionics, as well as, others to suit the owner’s needs.

Design Features

The BAe Jetstream was originally designed to be a streamlined turboprop airliner. The Jetstream 41 is based on the Jetstream 31, but features a stretched fuselage, redesigned wings, windscreen, new engines, and modern glass cockpit. The aircraft is fitted with hydraulically operated retractable tricycle landing gear with anti-skid brakes as standard. The streamline design leads to impressive performance as well as the distinct elongated nose of the aircraft.


The BAe Jetstream 41 has a cabin which measures 6’1” wide, 5′ 10” high, and 31′ 4” long. It was originally developed as an airliner and as such comes available in the 29 seat airliner configuration. The Jetstream 41 is also available in the 10 seat VIP, and 19 seat executive configurations. There is a galley and toilet included on all variations of the aircraft. The heating and air-conditioning are supplied via an engine air bleed system. Cabin volume is 1040 cu ft.

General Jetstream 41, BA-4101
Category Multiengine Turboprop > 12,500 lbs.
Years Aircraft Manufactured 1992-1997
Serial Number Range N/A
Retail High Price $2,995,000.00 / 2,350,176.50€
Retail Low Price $900,000.00 / 706,230.00€
Characteristics Jetstream 41, BA-4101
Seating 2+12/30
Wing Loading 68.9
Power Loading 7.3
Noise(EPNdB): Takeoff/Sideline/Approach 76.8
External Dimensions (ft) Jetstream 41, BA-4101
External Length 63.4
External Height 18.4
External Span 60.4
Internal Dimensions (ft) Jetstream 41, BA-4101
Internal Length (Overall/Net Height) 31.3/31.3
Internal Height 5.9
Internal Width (Max/Floor) 6.1/4.6
Baggage Jetstream 41, BA-4101
External: Cu.Ft./Lb. N/A
External: Cu.Ft./Lb. N/A
Power Jetstream 41, BA-4101
Engines 2 Hon TPE331-14
Output (lbs ea.)/Flat Rating 1,500shp/ISA+8
Inspection Interval 7,000t
Data based on latest manufactured year