Cessna Citation CJ4 Specifications

Aircraft Description


Based on unit sales, Cessna Aircraft Company is the world’s largest manufacturer of general aviation airplanes. Since the company was originally established in 1927, some 190,000 Cessna airplanes have been delivered to nearly every country in the world. The global fleet of more than 5,100 Citations is the largest fleet of business jets in the world. The CJ4 is the next step in the long Cessna CJ line up. The CJ4 incorporates a moderately swept wing design and more powerful engines into the largest CJ to date. It will seat seven to eight passengers with a large baggage compartment and have a private lavatory. The CJ4 is certified for operations up to 45,000 feet (13,700 meters). First flight of the CJ4 took place in May of 2008 and certified by the FAA in March 2010 with deliveries beginning in 2010.


Two dual channel FADEC controlled, Williams International FJ44-4A turbofan engines are installed on the CJ4. The engine is a medium bypass, twin-spool design with four compression stages and three turbine stages. It produces 3,400 pounds (15.12 kN) of takeoff thrust at sea level, static conditions, flat rated up to 79°F (26°C).The FADEC system also provides time-limited dispatch, diagnostics, and engine synchronization. Time between overhauls is 5,000 hours.


The CJ4’s flight deck has a fully integrated Pro Line 21 avionics suite consisting of four 8″ x 10″ displays teamed with dual Control Display Units (CDUs) forward of the throttle quadrant. The CDUs can provide the latest in graphical weather, traffic surveillance and navigation information as well as an Engine Indication and Crew Alerting System (EICAS) and electronic charts. Upgrades include FMS (flight management system) v4.0 allowing for WAAS (wide-area augmentation system) capability and IFIS (integrated flight information system) v6.0 providing display improvements, temporary flight restrictions and winds aloft information.

Design Features

The CJ4 design is a cantilever low, moderately swept-wing monoplane with an extended T-tail and a semi-monocoque pressurized fuselage. Two Williams FJ44-4A engines are mounted along the aft fuselage. The wing features are similar to the Sovereign, including the three upper speed brake panels on each wing. The T-tail section consists of a swept vertical fin and a swept laminar-flow horizontal stabilizer with single elevator. The retractable tricycle landing gear are of trailing-link design, employing a single wheel on each unit. The aircraft is mainly of metal construction with low weight composite materials in the fairings, wing tips, and horizontal stabilizer. The CJ4 will be certified for operations up to 45,000 feet (13,700 meters), designed to be easy to fly and is certifiied for single-pilot operation.


The CJ4 main cabin features seating for seven to eight passengers, depending on layout, a large forward door, private lavatory, and large baggage compartment. The biggest-ever CJ cabin is almost two feet longer than the CJ3 cabin, and with new seats and new sidewall configuration, it provides more leg, seat and shoulder room. The aircraft also has a Venue cabin management system by Rockwell Collins, for operating the electronic entertainment systems and controlling the cabin’s cooling and heating environment.

General Citation Mustang, CE-510
Category Jet < 20,000 lbs.
Years Aircraft Manufactured 2008 – current
Serial Number Range 0001-0003
Retail High Price $9,040,000.00 / 7,093,688.00€
Retail Low Price $8,750,000.00 / 6,866,125.00€
Characteristics Citation Mustang, CE-510
Seating 2+8/9
Wing Loading 51.4
Power Loading 2.3
Noise(EPNdB): Takeoff/Sideline/Approach 76.7/92.8/89.5
External Dimensions (ft) Citation Mustang, CE-510
External Length 53.3
External Height 15.3
External Span 50.8
Internal Dimensions (ft) Citation Mustang, CE-510
Internal Length (Overall/Net Height) 17.3
Internal Height 4.8
Internal Width (Max/Floor) 4.8/3.3
Baggage Citation Mustang, CE-510
External: Cu.Ft./Lb. 7/40
External: Cu.Ft./Lb. 71/1000
Power Citation Mustang, CE-510
Engines 2 Wm FJ44-4A
Output (lbs ea.)/Flat Rating 3621/ISA+11
Inspection Interval 5000t
Data based on latest manufactured year