Cessna Encore+ Specifications

Aircraft Description

Cessna always pays immaculate attention to detail in crafting its jets. The Citation Encore upheld this promise with its versatility, ability to fly long distances, and take off and land on short runways, and carry a large load. Inherent in its name, the Citation Encore+ offers all this and more. Since its introduction in 2006, 60 (as of 5/2009) have been delivered to date.

Citation has successfully made a great aircraft even greater in the Encore+. It offers improvements and upgrades in almost every area of an aircraft including the engines, avionics system, cabin interior, and performance specifications. When compared to its predecessor, the Encore+ has a 340-lb net payload increase and higher maximum takeoff weight; longer wings and aerodynamic capabilities; and adhesive metal bonding in place of vulnerable and expensive to replace mechanical fasteners.

The Encore+ is powered by two pylon-mounted PW535B engines. They produce 3,400 pounds of thrust and incorporate a FADEC to reduce pilot workload. The major inspection interval is 5,000 hours.

A Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21system replaces the Encore’s Honeywell Primus 100. The upgraded Pro Line boasts single-channel autopilot with dual channel flight guidance system, 3D navigation Flight Management System FMS-3000 and Communication Navigation Surveillance (CNS) radios. Three 8×10 matrix LCD screens and a Garmin GPS 500 display cockpit information. The new avionics suite is also lighter in weight, improving the payload capability to 1,170 lbs with full tanks. A few optional amenities include HF radio with SECAL, ADF receiver, a second 12 channel GPS receiver, and a Doppler turbulence detection weather radar.

The Encore+’s design elements have undergone modifications as well. The aircraft is built of high-strength aluminum alloys held together by extensive adhesive metal bonding. A trailing-link on the main gear of the retractable landing gear improves the braking system. An increased wing-length of 20 inches improves high-altitude flying and climb. Heaters added to the fuel system take away the need for anti-icing additives. And the list goes on…

As a result of the Encore+’s vast improvements from the earlier Encore, it outperforms most rivals in all areas. The Encore+ has a maximum takeoff weight of 16,830 lbs, and its maximum payload is 2,310 lbs. Its certified flight ceiling is at 45,000 feet. The aircraft has a high speed cruise of 426 knots.

The Encore+ is one of the most luxurious and accommodating private jets around. The cabin length is 17.3 feet, with a height and width of 4.8 feet each. Having undergone extensive cabin upgrades, the aircraft seats five passengers comfortably, but up to eight total. Seven large windows on each side (11×15) outline the aircraft. There is plenty of storage space internally and externally, located in the forward closet, across from the aft lavatory, in the tail cone, and a ski tube in the aft baggage compartment. Total baggage space measures 71 cubic feet.
In short, if the Encore is a dream-come-true private jet, then the Encore+ is an even better dream. Every single feature of the Encore has been improved. The Encore+ can carry heavier loads, longer distances, and can still keep the passengers comfortable and the pilots satisfied. The Encore+ is versatile, economical, luxurious, high-performing . . . and even looks great on the runway.

General Citation Encore+, CE-560
Category Jet < 20,000 lbs.
Years Aircraft Manufactured 2006-2010
Serial Number Range 751-815, 823
Retail High Price $9,150,000.00 / 7,180,005.00€
Retail Low Price $5,395,000.00 / 4,233,456.50€
Characteristics Citation Encore+, CE-560
Seating 2+8/11
Wing Loading 52.2
Power Loading 2.5
Noise(EPNdB): Takeoff/Sideline/Approach 71.5/89.6/90.7
External Dimensions (ft) Citation Encore+, CE-560
External Length 48.9
External Height 15.2
External Span 54.8
Internal Dimensions (ft) Citation Encore+, CE-560
Internal Length (Overall/Net Height) 17.3
Internal Height 4.8
Internal Width (Max/Floor) 4.8/3.2
Baggage Citation Encore+, CE-560
External: Cu.Ft./Lb. 28/655
External: Cu.Ft./Lb. 43/810
Power Citation Encore+, CE-560
Engines 2 P&WC PW535B
Output (lbs ea.)/Flat Rating 3400/ISA+12
Inspection Interval 5000t
Data based on latest manufactured year