Citation VII Specifications

Aircraft Description

Anyone familiar with the private jet industry knows about Cessna’s line of business jets, the Citations. They are designed to be economic, high-performing and comfortable, and they consistently stand out in the market. The Citation VII is the high-end version of the Citation VI. It uses different engines to increase cruise speed and takeoff performance. The cabin is more comfortable, featuring improved design options and increased soundproofing.

The interior of the Citation VII was designed to compete with the most luxurious midsized jets. Each customer can choose from a wide variety of interior design options. Options range from fancy wood finishes to extensive cabin entertainment systems. Additional soundproofing was added to the 438 cubic feet cabin so that business meetings (or naps) can be conducted without interruption. The fully enclosed lavatory has been expanded enough to double as a dressing room. The cabin holds eight passengers and has 51 cubic feet (415 pounds) of baggage space available in an external compartment.

However, the most distinctive difference between the Citation VII and the Citation VI is its upgraded engines. It comes equipped with two Honeywell TFE731-4R-2S engines, flat rated to 4,080 pounds of thrust each – 780 pounds more than the engines used on the Citation VI. These engines improve takeoff performance by 180 feet at sea level, and by 630 feet at high-altitude airports. Its climb rate is improved as well – it can reach 37,000 feet in eighteen minutes. It cruises between 417 and 459 knots, and is a good choice for short trips.

Taxiing and landings are very smooth due to the Citation VII’s trailing link landing gear. Pilots report excellent control and performance in stalls, easy landings, and very effective brakes. The two Honeywell TFE731-3B-100S engines are extremely reliable and allow for great flexibility in flight operations.

The avionics system of the Citation VII is almost identical to the system used in the Citation VI. It uses analog autopilot instead of digital autopilot to reduce acquisition cost and weight. The Honeywell digital SPZ-8000 flight control system comes standard in Citation VIIs. It includes many safety checkup systems that are uncomplicated where checking the status of many vital flight systems is literally as easy as pressing a button. The Citation VII is certified to FAR part 25 safety standards, the same standards that commercial jets must adhere to.

The upgrades to the Citation VII result in a better private jet than the original model, the Citation III. It is more luxurious, higher-performing, and has increased speed and range capabilities. The Citation VII was so successful that it became the mainstay of the Citation line for several years and continues to be widely used for private jet travel.

General Citation VII, CE-650
Category Jet < 20,000 lbs.
Years Aircraft Manufactured 1992 – 2000
Serial Number Range 7001 – 7119
Retail High Price $4,995,000.00 / 3,919,576.50€
Retail Low Price $1,650,000.00 / 1,294,755.00€
Characteristics Citation VII, CE-650
Seating 2 + 8/13
Wing Loading 73.7
Power Loading 2.8
Noise(EPNdB): Takeoff/Sideline/Approach 78.9/91.9/90.8
External Dimensions (ft) Citation VII, CE-650
External Length 55.5
External Height 16.8
External Span 53.5
Internal Dimensions (ft) Citation VII, CE-650
Internal Length (Overall/Net Height) 18.4/18.4
Internal Height 5.7
Internal Width (Max/Floor) 5.5/3.8
Baggage Citation VII, CE-650
External: Cu.Ft./Lb. N/A
External: Cu.Ft./Lb. 51/417
Power Citation VII, CE-650
Engines 2 Hon TFE731-4R-2S
Output (lbs ea.)/Flat Rating 4,080/ISA+9
Inspection Interval 4200c
Data based on latest manufactured year