Fairchild Dornier Envoy 3 Specs and Description

Aircraft Description


In February 1997 Fairchild Dornier launched a program to develop a turbofan powered derivative of its DO-328-120 twin turboprop regional airliner. The Envoy 3 shares the same high-tech airframe structure and avionics that benefits the turboprop DO-328 series, but also brings the simplicity and performance of turbofan power with virtually the same operating costs. The Envoy represents a very different approach to the business jet market in that its cabin size is comparable to that of a large, long-range jet, but the acquisition cost of the Envoy is less than half that of large, long-range class aircraft. Operating costs of the Envoy are comparable to those of a mid-size jet, while range and cruise speeds are comparable to those of a low-cost light business aircraft. The 328JET, the regional airline version from which the Envoy is derived, was introduced in Munich in December 1997. The first Envoy derivitive of the 328Jet accomplished its maiden flight in January 1998. The Envoy 3 was certified in 1999 and initial deliveries began that year and continue to the present. The Envoy 3 is now produced by AvCraft Aviation as the Envoy.


The Envoy is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW 306B axial-centrifugal flow turbofan engines rated at 6,050 lbs. of thrust each at ISA +20C. Compressor zone inspection on the engines is at 6,250 hours.


The Envoy uses the same advanced avionics suite that has been successfully employed in the turboprop DO-328: Honeywell’s Primus 2000 integrated avionics system, with five large-format CRT’s, dual fiber-optic AHRS, dual digital air-data computers, dual Primus II radios with left- and right-side LCD radio management units, FMS, Primus 650 color weather radar, CVR, and FDR as standard equipment. Options include GPS, VLF/Omega, MLS, TCAS, GPWS, and the Flight Dynamics HGS 2000 head-up display, which requires that the AHRS be upgraded to IRS, for which the Laseref III IRS is available.

Design Features

The Envoy is a medium-range, twin-turbofan commuter transport configured as a cantilever high-wing monoplane with a T-tail. The wing is mounted atop the fuselage pressure-vessel with the junction enclosed in a large fairing which runs from the roof of the flight deck aft almost to the tail section. The retractable tricycle landing gear has dual wheels on each unit and incorporates a trailing-link main gear design. 14″ wheels are used in place of the 10″ wheels of the turboprop DO-328.The landing gear retracts into a lower-fuselage pod situated mid-way along the length of the fuselage. Kevlar and other carbon fiber composite materials are used extensively, although the airframe is primarily of aluminum monocoque construction.


The AvCraft Aviation Envoy is a large-cabin aircraft, derived from the 30-passenger 328Jet regional airliner. Fairchild uses that large cabin volume to outfit the Envoy with a spacious 12-passenger executive interior as standard, with other configurations available. The standard interior includes a large galley along the forward starboard wall, a 3-place divan, an entertainment center, and 10 individual chairs, including two club areas with tables. A full-width lavatory is located aft, with access to the 176 cu. ft. baggage compartment. Even with its flat floor (aisle is not recessed), the Envoy offers a full standup height of 6.2 ft., cabin width of 7.2 ft. and cabin length of 33.9 ft.

General Envoy 3, Do328-310
Category Jet < 20,000 lbs.
Years Aircraft Manufactured 1999 – 2005
Serial Number Range 3105 – 3224
Retail High Price $8,500,000.00 / 6,669,950.00€
Retail Low Price $4,995,000.00 / 3,919,576.50€
Characteristics Envoy 3, Do328-310
Seating 2+10/12
Wing Loading 80.2
Power Loading 2.8
Noise(EPNdB): Takeoff/Sideline/Approach 71.1/89.8/91.1
External Dimensions (ft) Envoy 3, Do328-310
External Length 68.7
External Height 23.7
External Span 68.8
Internal Dimensions (ft) Envoy 3, Do328-310
Internal Length (Overall/Net Height) 33.9/33.9
Internal Height 6.2
Internal Width (Max/Floor) 7.2/6.0
Baggage Envoy 3, Do328-310
External: Cu.Ft./Lb. 277/-1
External: Cu.Ft./Lb. N/A
Power Envoy 3, Do328-310
Engines 2 P&WC PW306B
Output (lbs ea.)/Flat Rating 6,050/ISA+20
Inspection Interval OC
Data based on latest manufactured year