Hawker Beechcraft 125-700 Specs and Description

Aircraft Description


The Hawker 700 has its origins in the de Havilland DH.125 medium-sized corporate jet which first flew in August 1962. A total of 77 units were built by de Havilland before the company was absorbed by Hawker Siddeley. Following the merger, the design was refined to produce the -400 series and then the -600 series, whose stretched fuselage increased main cabin seating capacity from six passengers to eight, or as many as fourteen in a high-density arrangement. A new model, the HS.125-700, made its first flight in June 1976. Powered by Garrett TFE731-3R-1H engines, the -700 offered substantial improvements in cruise speed and range along with reduced fuel consumption. The -700 received US and UK certification in mid-1977, with initial deliveries that same year. A total of 243 units were produced before the -700 was replaced by the HS.125-800 in 1984.


The Hawker 700 is powered by two Honeywell TFE731-3R-1H engines rated at 3,700 lbs. thrust each. Engine inspection interval is 4,200 hours.


The Hawker 700 was originally equipped with the comm/nav/ident radios typical for the period, along with analog electromechanical instrument displays. The panels of many of these aircraft have been updated with a variety of modern instruments and equipment.

Design Features

The Hawker 700 is a medium range, twin turbofan-powered business aircraft configured as a cantilever low swept-wing monoplane with a swept cruciform tail and retractable tricycle landing gear. The two engines are mounted on the rear fuselage, and most have been fitted with thrust reversers, although reversers were not standard equipment on the -700.


The Hawker 700 is normally configured to accommodate eight passengers in a standard double-club arrangement. With a cabin height of 5.8 ft., width of 5.9 ft., and internal length of 21.3 ft., the 700’s cabin is somewhat roomier than the cabins of many aircraft in its class.

General Hawker 125-700
Category Jet > 20,000 lbs.
Years Aircraft Manufactured 1977 – 1985
Serial Number Range 001-215, NA201- 345
Retail High Price $2,295,000.00 / 1,800,886.50€
Retail Low Price $600,000.00 / 470,820.00€
Characteristics Hawker 125-700
Seating 2 + 8/14
Wing Loading 70.3
Power Loading 3.4
Noise(EPNdB): Takeoff/Sideline/Approach 87.6 / 96.3
External Dimensions (ft) Hawker 125-700
External Length 50.8
External Height 17.6
External Span 47.0
Internal Dimensions (ft) Hawker 125-700
Internal Length (Overall/Net Height) 21.3
Internal Height 5.8
Internal Width (Max/Floor) 5.9
Baggage Hawker 125-700
External: Cu.Ft./Lb. N/A
External: Cu.Ft./Lb. N/A
Power Hawker 125-700
Engines 2 Hon TFE731-3R-1H
Output (lbs ea.)/Flat Rating 3,700
Inspection Interval 4,200c
Data based on latest manufactured year