Registration: N463JD                                                                                    

Serial Number: 281

Aircraft Total Time:                3660 Hours

Total Landings:                        2228

Engines & APU enrolled on Honeywell MSP Gold

The Falcon 50EX is an exceptional blend of range, cabin, value and airport hot/high runway performance.  Dassault Aviation was the first to create a private jet with intercontinental range: the Falcon 50.  In 1997, they re-created it, keeping the features that made it such a success, while modifying others with more advanced technology.  The Falcon 50EX cruises faster at high altitudes; flies further; burns less fuel; and generally outperforms the Falcon 50 in every respect.

The Falcon 50EX has great runway performance.  It can take off in 4,935 feet at sea level and in 7,247 at an elevation of 5,000 feet and a temperature of 77°F.  Its maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) has increased from 38,800 pounds to 39,700 pounds – a 900 pound increase.  The Falcon 50EX can climb directly to an altitude of 37,000 feet in 17 minutes (13 minutes more quickly than the Falcon 50). It can cruise at 417 knots at an altitude of 43,000 feet for long range trips, or at 481 knots and an altitude of 39,000 feet for optimum speed.  The maximum flight ceiling for the Falcon 50 is 49,000 feet.

The cabin of the Falcon 50EX has a height and width of 5.9 and 6.1 feet, respectively. At 23.5 feet in length the Falcon 50EX features a total cabin volume of 700 cubic feet.  115 cubic feet of baggage storage is available in internal compartments.  Three closets in the cabin provide space for coats, suits, and briefcases.   All baggage compartments are fully pressurized.  A total of 2,205 pounds of bags can be stored.  The nine-passenger seating configuration is laid out in one four-seat club arrangement, and a separate section of two facing seats and a three-seat divan.  

ENGINES: Honeywell TFE731-40 (3,700 lbs thrust)

The Falcon 50EX uses three Honeywell TFE731-40 turbofan engines, the second generation of the TFE731 series. They provide more thrust at cruise speeds and burn less fuel than the Falcon 50’s TFE731-3-1C engines. Providing the same amount of thrust for a sea level takeoff as the -3-1C engines, the -40s have an increased ambient temperature, meaning that they perform nearly the same at high altitudes and temperatures as they do at sea level. At an elevation of 5,000 feet and a temperature of 77°F, the -40 engines produce 3,440 pounds of thrust – 93% of the thrust produced at standard sea level conditions.

Furthermore, the -40 engines are equipped with FADEC (Full Authority N1-reference Digital Electronic Engine Control) systems, which automatically start and restart the engines on the ground, reducing pilot workload and optimizing fuel burn and performance. The engine manufacturing process used on the -40 engines is more precise, resulting in higher tolerances and reduced leakage.

Engine #1 Serial: P115195      Hours: 3604.2              Cycles: 2203

Engine #2 Serial: P115250     Hours: 3553.4              Cycles: 2179

Engine #3 Serial: P115197      Hours: 3603.7              Cycles: 2180

APU: Honeywell GTCP 36-100A         TSN: 2096.8 Hours  

Collins 4 Tube EFIS 4000
Dual Collins RTU 4220 Radio Tuning Unit
Triple Collins VHF 422C Communication (8.33 spacing)
Dual Collins VIR 432 Navigation (FM Immunity)
Dual Collins TDR94D Transponder
Dual Collins DME 442 Distance Measuring Equipment Dual Collins ADF 462 ADF
Collins APS4000 Autopilot System
Dual Collins ADC 850F Air Data Computers
Triple Collins FMS 6100 Flight Management Systems Dual Honeywell Laser Ref III IRS
Dual Collins GPS4000 GPS
Dual Collins HF-9000 HF System Coltech Selcal
AlliedSignal Cockpit Voice Recorder
Socata 97A ELT Emergency Locator System
AlliedSignal Honeywell AFIS with Sky Printer (VHF, SAT AFIS) Collins TCAS II with Change 7
Dual Collins ALT55B Radio Altimeter
Collins TWR 850 Color Weather Radar with Dual Controllers
AlliedSignal MARK V EGPWS Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System with Wind Shear
Honeywell Solid State CVR Cockpit Voice Recorder

RVSM                                                                               Notebook Computer

Folding Floor mounted Jump Seat                            Observer EROS Oxygen System

Enlarged 115 CU. FT. Oxygen Bottle                          Secureaplane Security System


New 2011.  Nine passenger (plus folding floor mounted jump seat) configuration features a four-place forward club, an aft two-place club opposite a three-place divan. Seats exquisitely covered in Edelman Beige Oyster Leather. Sidewalls covered in Izit Dune Ultra Leather, Scott Group Tan Express Carpet and a Private AFT Lavatory. High gloss veneer cabinetry. Full forward galley with extended work station, coffee maker, and convection oven. The entertainment system features a Sony Multi Disc CD Player, Audio International DVD, VHS, Baker 14” LCD Monitor and six Rosen 5.6” Plug In LCD monitors, Genesis Airshow 400, and Cabin temperature controller.


New 2013.  Overall Matterhorn White with Onyx Black and Rosario Red Accent Striping.