Twin Commander 1000 Specs and Description

Aircraft Description


The lineage of the Twin Commander 1000 can be traced back to 1948 with the first flight of the piston-engined Aero Commander light twin. The development of the successful Aero Commander line progressed through the 500- and 600-series piston twins, including the pressurized 720 Alti-Cruiser and 680PF. In 1962 the 680 was stretched to form the 680FL Grand Commander. By replacing the 680FL’s piston engines with Garrett AiResearch TPE331 turboprop powerplants, the 680T Turbo Commander was created, which made its first flight in December 1964. The manufacturing rights were sold to North American Rockwell in 1967, which in turn sold the line to Gulfstream American in 1979. The Twin Commander line continued to evolve through the 1970’s with the introduction of the 690, 690A, 840, and 980 models. The ultimate developments of the line were the Twin Commander 900, powered by the TPE331-5, and the 1000, powered by the TPE331-10. A total of 108 Twin Commander 1000’s were produced from 1982 to 1985 when the line was finally shut down.


The Twin Commander 1000 is powered by a pair of Garrett (now Honeywell) TPE331-10 turboprop engines rated at 820shp, each each driving a three-blade constant speed propeller. Inspection interval on the engines is 5,400 hours.


The Twin Commander 1000 is typically equipped with Collins avionics including dual VHF 20 comms, dual VIR 30 navs, DME, dual TDR 90 transponders, AP 106 autopilot, ADF 60A ADF, and Sperry Primus 400 weather radar. Some 1000s have been upgraded with an all-new cockpit. The standard electromechanical instruments and gauges and analog autopilot can be replaced with a complete Meggitt MAGIC system including the 2100 digital flight control system, EFIS primary flight and navigation displays, and dual electronic engine and systems instrumentation displays. The upgraded avionics can include a Garmin 530 and 430 with GDL-49 NEXRAD weather reporting; dual Garmin transponders; a Bendix/King multifunction display with weather radar, terrain and collision avoidance, Stormscope, and navigation mapping inputs.

Design Features

The Twin Commander 1000 is a twin-engine turboprop, light business aircraft configured as a cantilever high-wing monoplane with conventional swept tail. The airframe is of aluminum monocoque construction. The deep, squared-oval fuselage section is low-slung beneath the high wing, and rides low on its retractable tricycle landing gear. The horizontal stabilizer is set at a moderate angle of dihedral. The wing planform is tapered, with a straight leading edge and with the trailing edge swept forward and incorporates shallow winglets at each wingtip. The 1000 model features a completely redesigned cabin in which the aft bulkhead is moved rearward creating 25 per cent more cabin space with a corresponding reduction in baggage compartment area. Cabin pressurization differential was increased to allow operation at higher altitudes and at greater gross weight for improved economy with the more powerful TPE331-10 engines.


The Twin Commander 1000 is ordinarily configured to seat six or seven passengers in an executive layout in addition to an additional passenger in the right seat on the flight deck. An entry door is located on the port side of the fuselage, forward of the wing. A small lavatory is located at the aft cabin position. Cabin height is 4.8ft., cabin width is 4.1ft., and cabin length is 12.4ft.

General Twin Commander 1000, (695A)
Category Multiengine Turboprop < 12,500 lbs.
Years Aircraft Manufactured 1982 – 1985
Serial Number Range 96001 – 96210
Retail High Price $1,800,000.00 / 1,412,460.00€
Retail Low Price $800,000.00 / 627,760.00€
Characteristics Twin Commander 1000, (695A)
Seating 1 + 7/10
Wing Loading 40.1
Power Loading 6.8
Noise(EPNdB): Takeoff/Sideline/Approach 71.8
External Dimensions (ft) Twin Commander 1000, (695A)
External Length 43.0
External Height 15.0
External Span 52.1
Internal Dimensions (ft) Twin Commander 1000, (695A)
Internal Length (Overall/Net Height) 17.2
Internal Height 4.8
Internal Width (Max/Floor) 4.1
Baggage Twin Commander 1000, (695A)
External: Cu.Ft./Lb. 10/100
External: Cu.Ft./Lb. 46/600
Power Twin Commander 1000, (695A)
Engines 2 Hon TPE331-10-501K
Output (lbs ea.)/Flat Rating 820shp
Inspection Interval 5,400t
Data based on latest manufactured year