Piper Cheyenne 400LS Specifications

Aircraft Description


The Piper Cheyenne 400LS, PA-42-1000, is the final development and improvement of the venerable Cheyenne line of twin turboprop business aircraft. It is derived directly from the Cheyenne III series, but utilizes the far more powerful TPE331 engines with four-blade propellers which produce significantly faster airspeeds than its predecessors. The 400LS was initially designated the Cheyenne IV, and finally the 400. First flown in 1983, the Cheyenne 400 was in production through 1992 with approximately 44 aircraft entering service.


The Cheyenne 400LS is powered by a pair of Honeywell/Allied Signal TPE331-14-801 turboprop engines derated to 1000shp and turning four-blade, counter-rotating, constant speed Hartzell propellers. The inspection interval on the engines is 3,000 hours.


The Cheyenne 400LS is normally configured with a Collins avionics suite which might consist of an EFIS, Collins APS 65 flight director and autopilot, dual Collins VHF 22A comms and dual VIR 32A navs, ADF, DME, TDR 90 transponder, King 90B GPS and WXR 250 color weather radar.

Design Features

The Piper Cheyenne 400LS is a mid-sized, cabin-class, twin turboprop business aircraft configured as a cantilever low-wing monoplane with a T-tail. The airframe is of aluminum monocoque construction. The retractable tricycle landing gear has one wheel on each unit. An airstair entry door is located on the port side aft of the wing.


The Cheyenne 400LS is usually configured to seat a pilot and seven passengers with an additional passenger occupying the right seat on the flight deck, if desired. Cabin seating is commonly arranged in a four-seat club with three additional seats available. Interior cabin dimensions are 17.7ft in length, 4.7ft in height and 4.3ft in width.

General Cheyenne 400LS, PA-42-1000
Category Multiengine Turboprop < 12,500 lbs.
Years Aircraft Manufactured 1984 – 1992
Serial Number Range 5135 – 5194
Retail High Price $1,900,000.00 / 1,490,930.00€
Retail Low Price $895,000.00 / 702,306.50€
Characteristics Cheyenne 400LS, PA-42-1000
Seating 1 + 8/8
Wing Loading 41.1
Power Loading 6.0
Noise(EPNdB): Takeoff/Sideline/Approach 70.1
External Dimensions (ft) Cheyenne 400LS, PA-42-1000
External Length 43.4
External Height 17.0
External Span 47.7
Internal Dimensions (ft) Cheyenne 400LS, PA-42-1000
Internal Length (Overall/Net Height) 17.7
Internal Height 4.7
Internal Width (Max/Floor) 4.3/4.3
Baggage Cheyenne 400LS, PA-42-1000
External: Cu.Ft./Lb. N/A
External: Cu.Ft./Lb. N/A
Power Cheyenne 400LS, PA-42-1000
Engines 2 Hon TPE331-14-801
Output (lbs ea.)/Flat Rating 1,000shp
Inspection Interval 3,000t
Data based on latest manufactured year